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Your vision and your inspiration are very important! Whether you see yourself as a platform artist, educator, salon owner or a successful hairdresser, we enjoy being a part of your growth and success.

Our vision for a professional environment is one of a balance between work, personal life, recreation and service. We work very hard to maximize your success. We offer a benefit package for all full-time crew members. The benefit package includes group health and dental insurance, paid vacations, educational benefits and other very important components for your successful career.

Depending on individual desire and rate of growth, our new hairdressers $28,000 to $45,000 pay per year within the first year of working on the floor. Further growth largely depends on work ethics, continuous education and personal and professional skills. On average, Salon Azure designers double their first year earnings by the third year of working in our salon.


When we examine actual pay of our hairdressers, by converting it to hourly rate, to properly compare it to other professions and industries, Top 10 Hairdressers at Salon Azure average $57.19 per hour in 2022 (Oct-Dec) for each hour they were scheduled to work, not including benefits such as health insurance and vacation pay. This outstanding level of compensation positively compares with most top professions in our region.

Creativity can blossom when salon's culture is based on solid knowledge of hair design fundamentals and tradition. Salon Azure's  educators and senior hair designers are committed to these fundamental principles. You can supercharge your career by immersing into the culture and traditions of Salon Azure and its crew.

Hair design has become a sophisticated and complex profession where top designers earn six-figure income. In order to achieve top levels in our profession, you must create tremendous value for each client.

There are over 1,400 hair salons in Knoxville Metropolitan area. This is great news for you. You have an incredible choice.

Salon Azure is an advanced hair design studio and an Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa. We embrace high artistic performance and we are dedicated to help hairdressers to achieve their highest potential. High standards preclude high rewards. We are determined to maintain these standards at the highest level.

We sincerely encourage you to apply at Salon Azure. There is a multi-step hiring process; first we have an initial personal interview, after which we may invite you for an audition where you demonstrate your skill level with a live model. Based on these initial steps, we would make a hiring decision.

We can help you to achieve your goals when you are willing to learn and be part of our dynamic crew. Salon Azure's professional management team is focused on making Salon Azure the most comfortable, the highest rewarded, professional environment.

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