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  1. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, protect others, please DO NOT enter (we gladly will reschedule your appointment)

  2. Only customers receiving services should be allowed in the building (please ask friends and children to wait in a car or outside)

  3. Minimize waiting period (enter the building 5 min before your appointment)

  4. Customers should wear a protective mask within 6 feet of another person (we offer mask if you don't have one)

  5. No personal items to store (leave purses or jackets in your car)

  6. Let our staff pull retail items for you (no testers offered at this time)

  7. Use hand sanitizer upon entering


In order to accommodate you with possible change and cancellation requests, and avoid idle time losses for the service providers, we ask that you notify us with any changes or cancellations as soon as you can. We will gladly reschedule your appointment. 


We put safety of our staff and guest above everything else. We closely monitor all mandates, recommendations and best practices, evaluate and implement proven methods.

We have increased cleaning and sanitation frequency and detailing. Limited the number of stations available for service  during the initial phase of the reopening according to governmental guidelines. We have installed protective barriers for the guest care as well as shampoo stations. We have instituted a health check survey for each guest and staff including body temperature measurement.

We ask all guest when in doubt to remain home and self quarantine. We encourage and enable staff to remain home if they have symptoms of possibility of exposure the the virus.


We follow CDC guidelines on self hygiene and practices to minimize exposure to the virus.


We encourage you to:

1. Wash hands with soap frequently

2. Don't touch your face

3. Keep the social distance of 6 feet or wear a mask

4. Self quarantine when in doubt

5. Seek available tests 

We believe that with our common effort, we will overcome the threat of spread of the virus and would be able to return to normal life quickly.

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